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darksolacegroup's Journal

Dark Solace
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Sisters in Solace—we are more than a community of writers. We have a dream and a mission, an ideal that we hope springs eternal and sparks groups similar to ours all over the superhighway of the world wide web.

We are sisters in the loosest sense of the word, having found a common bond in our love for Spike and Buffy's relationship and finding inspiration to write fiction based on the possibilities that we were given by their creator, Joss Whedon. We love the idea that the Slayer and a Master Vampire can overcome the most impossible odds and become stronger together than they were separately.

In the same sense, that is what we have tried to do here. We have chosen each other, overcome the impossible odds of time zones and distance, and forged bonds of respect and friendship that make each of us stronger. We are a community of great love and support, not only for each other’s fictions, but the daily trials of real life that can sometimes inhibit even the greatest and most prolific writers.

We promote peace and tranquility, dreams and hopes, divine inspiration and the support of each other’s muse. We provide each other with encouragement, support, and the unconditional love that sisters have for one another. We are separate individuals striving together for excellence.

We have claimed each other as family, crossing miles, lifestyles, and differences. We are sisters, promoting each other and a dream—that love can bloom even on the rockiest of ground. We hope that you enjoy our site, our fiction, and our recommendations. May you find peace and blessings here.